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For more than a half-century, John MacArthur has modeled expository preaching as a pastor at Grace Community Church in Southern California. Season 1 of The MacArthur Center podcast looks at the roots, and then the rise, of his remarkable preaching ministry, as well as the philosophy and practice that goes into every expository sermon. This eight-episode season is titled The Expositor. Episodes are available on this page and on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

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Oct, 28 2021

Episode 8: Faithful

For 52 years and counting, John MacArthur has pastored Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. Today, he is an example to all of us—particularly pastors—of perseverance. How has he remained in the arena for all those years? And why hasn’t he thought of retirement? In this final episode of season one, we’ll consider the sum of it all: the portrait of faithful endurance. And we’re going to find out how each of us can have a life and ministry of faithfulness, no matter the length of our days.
Oct, 14 2021

Episode 7: The Cellar of Affliction

John Donne called them Job's sick days. They are days of unexpected, and often unimaginable, suffering. They are part of life in a fallen world, both for believers and nonbelievers. And they are a constant reality in the life of a preacher. John MacArthur is certainly no stranger to suffering. This episode describes a dark day in the MacArthur family, and how that suffering shaped his life and ministry. And it looks at how John's life and preaching have cared for those in what Samuel Rutherford called "the cellar of affliction."
Sep, 08 2021

Episode 6: The Sheepdog

Pastor as shepherd. It’s the most common motif for men in the ministry. But pastors are also sheepdogs. They guard the flock that the Chief Shepherd entrusts to them. Throughout his 50 plus years of pastoral ministry, John MacArthur has taken on the role of sheepdog, defending the truth against those who oppose it and protecting God’s people from those who would harm them. This episode focuses on the years 2007-2013, when the flock faced a particular threat, and John defended it in a public way. In this story, pastors will see when, and how, they must take on the role of sheepdog in service of their Master.

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