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How did John MacArthur’s ministry become synonymous with expository preaching? And what does an expository preaching ministry look like? To answer that question, The MacArthur Center Podcast went back to John’s childhood in a pastor’s home and to the year 1969 when he became the teaching pastor at Grace Community Church. It told the remarkable, providential story of how Grace Church grew, how suffering has shaped John’s ministry, how he’s responded to threats to his church, and how he’s entrusted the gospel to the next generation of preachers. In these personal, profound stories, there are lessons for all pastors, and believers, who believe in the transforming power of an expositional ministry.

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Feb, 26 2024

Episode 5: John MacArthur is My Youth Pastor

Over his 55 years as a pastor—and counting—John MacArthur has ministered to thousands of young people. Today, his ministry continues to provide profound value for teenagers and twenty-somethings. Why is that? What does he understand about reaching the next generation? We'll answer that question in this episode. We'll also take a look at the rampant anxiety and depression among teenagers, and how the church can help teens in crisis. We'll try to understand why churches seem desperate to make everything so juvenile. Finally, we're going to talk about a "weed in the church." At least that's what critics call youth groups. All that and much more in this episode "John MacArthur is My Youth Pastor."
Nov, 24 2023

Episode 4: Friendship and the Finish Line

After the study of God’s Word, nothing gives John MacArthur more joy in life and ministry than relationships. For him, being with those of like precious faith infuses his days with meaning, encouragement, and the grace of God. All pastors need to prioritize friendships. This episode looks at the biblical, cosmic scope of friendship, explores the reasons why it has fallen on hard times, and shows why no minister can endure without friends. Along the way, John recounts his unique, life-giving friendship with R.C. Sproul and gives all of us principles for cultivating relationships like that, maintaining them, and responding when friends disappoint.
Nov, 09 2023

Episode 3: When Believers Stop Believing

If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time, you probably know someone who used to follow Jesus Christ, but now wants nothing to do with him. Why does that happen? What marks the path from faith to apostasy? John MacArthur started exploring those questions in college, when long-time Christian friends stunned him by walking away from God and into atheism and false religion. What he found is that the path to apostasy is well-trod, dating back to Judas, who rejected Jesus after following him for three years. This episode traces what John learned, then taught for decades, about apostasy, what happens when believers stop believing, and how all of us can be sure that once we are truly saved, God will never let us go.

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