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How did John MacArthur’s ministry become synonymous with expository preaching? And what does an expository preaching ministry look like? To answer that question, The MacArthur Center Podcast went back to John’s childhood in a pastor’s home and to the year 1969 when he became the teaching pastor at Grace Community Church. It told the remarkable, providential story of how Grace Church grew, how suffering has shaped John’s ministry, how he’s responded to threats to his church, and how he’s entrusted the gospel to the next generation of preachers. In these personal, profound stories, there are lessons for all pastors, and believers, who believe in the transforming power of an expositional ministry.

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Oct, 19 2022

Season 2, Episode 6: MacArthur and His Critics

For pastors, criticism comes with the job. It's a reality for nearly everyone in ministry, especially those preaching the whole counsel of God. So how should pastors, or any Christian for that matter, handle the criticism that's sure to come? What do you say when someone accuses you of unbiblical teaching, or unfairly maligns your character? John MacArthur has learned more than a few lessons on how to respond to the critics throughout his 53 years of pastoral ministry. There have been lots of public critiques of his theology. And plenty have found something negative to say about his personality, tone, and leadership. This episode draws out lessons on handling criticism from his life, particularly a time in the late 80s when MacArthur travelled to Limerick Pennsylvania to defend himself against charges of heresy.
Sep, 12 2022

Season 2 Bonus Episode, MacArthur and the Puritans

If you appreciate John MacArthur’s preaching—particularly how he takes such an in-depth, thorough look at each text—you can thank a Puritan. Who were these men of God from centuries ago? And why do they have a particularly powerful influence not just on MacArthur, but on many of the most effective expositors in the world today? Find out in MacArthur and the Puritans, a bonus episode that previews the Puritan Conference, October 5-7 at Grace Community Church, To register, and see the world-class lineup of speakers, go to puritanconference.org.
Aug, 29 2022

Season 2, Episode 5: MacArthur and Rome

Throughout his ministry, John MacArthur has consistently criticized and condemned the Catholic church and the Pope who leads it. That’s in stark contrast to many evangelicals today who downplay the historical differences between Catholics and Protestants. To explain why John draws a clear line in this debate, this episode visits a slum in Calcutta, India, a small town in 16th century Germany, and a hotel conference room in Florida. Tune in for this journey around the world that looks at the differences between the biblical gospel of salvation in Christ alone and a message that has deceived countless people.

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