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How did John MacArthur’s ministry become synonymous with expository preaching? And what does an expository preaching ministry look like? To answer that question, The MacArthur Center Podcast went back to John’s childhood in a pastor’s home and to the year 1969 when he became the teaching pastor at Grace Community Church. It told the remarkable, providential story of how Grace Church grew, how suffering has shaped John’s ministry, how he’s responded to threats to his church, and how he’s entrusted the gospel to the next generation of preachers. In these personal, profound stories, there are lessons for all pastors, and believers, who believe in the transforming power of an expositional ministry.

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Jun, 30 2022

Episode 4: MacArthur and the Calvinists

In 2009, Time Magazine said Calvinism—or New Calvinism—was one of 10 ideas shaping the world. How did a theological system focused on the majesty and sovereignty of God become a world-changing movement? John MacArthur is part of the answer to that question. This episode explores how John became a Calvinist, how he pulled a generation of young people into the doctrines of grace, and why he eventually criticized the movement he had influenced.
Jun, 30 2022

Episode 3: MacArthur and the Russians

Few American pastors are more respected, or more influential, in the Russian speaking world than John MacArthur. His ministry has spread throughout Ukraine and Russia since before the Iron Curtain fell in 1991. During the current war, his ministry continues to have a profound, personal impact through missionary friends, training centers, and ministry partners both in the States and across the former Soviet Union. As this timely episode focuses on John and Grace Community Church’s missions endeavors in Ukraine and Russia, it looks at what effective, soul-saving, church-building missions looks like in any country.
Apr, 01 2022

Episode 2: MacArthur and the Doctor

Christians need mentors who have run the race before them. The lives of these leaders influence, challenge and motivate us. John MacArthur is considered a mentor and model by countless Christians and pastors around the world. But who does MacArthur look up to? Who has served as his teacher and friend? In this episode, we look at a man who has influenced MacArthur throughout his ministry: a Welch medical doctor turned preacher who became a kindred spirit. This relationship shows all of us the value of "remembering those who taught you and consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.” Famous Christian Dead Guys make great friends. Saints from the past keep Christians in the present from becoming spiritual shipwrecks in the future.

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