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For more than a half-century, John MacArthur has modeled expository preaching as a pastor at Grace Community Church in Southern California. Season 1 of The MacArthur Center podcast looks at the roots, and then the rise, of his remarkable preaching ministry, as well as the philosophy and practice that goes into every expository sermon. This eight-episode season is titled The Expositor. Episodes are available on this page and on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

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Sep, 08 2021

Episode 6: The Sheepdog

Pastor as shepherd. It’s the most common motif for men in the ministry. But pastors are also sheepdogs. They guard the flock that the Chief Shepherd entrusts to them. Throughout his 50 plus years of pastoral ministry, John MacArthur has taken on the role of sheepdog, defending the truth against those who oppose it and protecting God’s people from those who would harm them. This episode focuses on the years 2007-2013, when the flock faced a particular threat, and John defended it in a public way. In this story, pastors will see when, and how, they must take on the role of sheepdog in service of their Master.
Aug, 25 2021

Episode 5: When Terrorists Attack

Most Sundays, a faithful expositor preaches the next verse. He doesn’t respond to the headlines or the latest scandal in the Christian world. But every so often, a tragedy in the world—or the church— occupies all the space inside his people’s heads. How does a pastor respond in those crises? This episode looks at sermons John preached after two of the worst calamities of his lifetime. The first was the September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks. The second was the downfall of an evangelical celebrity that rocked the church in 1988. In these stories, John shows pastors everywhere how to help their people navigate through crisis.
Jul, 21 2021

Episode 4: The Quest for Cool

What is the MacArthur style? When John stands in the pulpit, what is he trying to do? Is he projecting an image or making himself relevant? Is he trying to be personable, funny, or cool? This episode looks at what preoccupies MacArthur—and what should preoccupy all expositors—in the pulpit. And in the process, it explains what David and Goliath has to do with $800 sneakers, the meaning of the word glib, and the quest for cool that defines many of America’s most prominent pastors.

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